L’Architecture Russe en U.R.S.S. 1re serie.

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Badovici, Jean.

Portfolio covered cardboard hlf cloth with ties. 23 x 28 cms. No date! Essay by Jean Badovici: ‘Le movement constructif Russe’. 16 pp text, illustrations between text incl. list of plates. 50 plates in heliotype showing works, plans by Vessnine, Iakoulow, Rodchenko, Rabinovitch, Sternberg Medo Unietsky, Barkine, Ginsburg, Leonidoff, Mowtschaw, Kojin, Cholostenko, Soboleff, Melnikow, Lawrinowitsch, Malosemoff, Bartsch/Siniavsky, Orloff, Ladovski, Gabo/Kiessler/Lissitzky, Nikolsky/Galparin/Krestin, Golosoff. The illustrations show drawings, plans, sections and models. Condition: no marks, tears or imperfections. Even the ties in good condition. Scans on request.

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